Friday, March 13, 2020

My Immortal by Evanescence essays

My Immortal by Evanescence essays In the late 1990s, Amy Lee and Ben Moody formed the band Evanescence, after meeting at a Christian Youth Retreat in Arkansas. Evanescence remained a duo until fellow Arkansas natives John LeCompt and Rocky Gray joined the group in 2000. That same year, Evanescence was signed to Wind-Up records, a Christian label based in Nashville Tennessee who also had signed the band Creed the year before. Their first big break was The Daredevil Soundtrack in 2003, a major motion picture with Ben Affleck as a comic book hero, where they submitted two tracks. They gained notoriety with their song My Immortal, written by Amy Lee, which immediately shot to the tops of the charts. Later released on the groups freshman release, Fallen in 2003, My Immortal went Double Platinum as a single and stayed in the Top Ten in the United Kingdom and the United States for over sixteen weeks. It is still getting a lot of airplay on the radio, even a year after its release. ( When I first heard the song My Immortal, I was moved. I originally thought that the song was about a woman who has lost her husband or boyfriend, but found out otherwise. Amy Lee, the lead singer, wrote the song about the death of her younger sister. She died when she was six years old, and the tragedy deeply affected Amy. She has said in interviews that she has been haunted by her sisters ghost ever since. To me, this song meant holding onto a lost love. It expressed every persons fear of losing someone you love, and dealing with the memories that never seem to fade when they are gone. This song makes me remember people that have passed that I loved, and helps me to remember the reasons why I loved them. ...

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