Thursday, December 12, 2019

Carter Cleaning Company the Job Description-Samples for Students

Questions: 1.What should be the format and final form of the Store Managers Job Description? 2.Is it practical to specify Standards and procedures in the body of the Job Description, or should these be kept separate? 3.How should Jennifer go about collecting the Information required for the standards, Procedures, and Job Description? 4.What, in your Opinion, should the Store Managers Job Description look like and Contain?5.What are some Ethical Issues dealing with the Recruitment. Answers: Carter Cleaning Company: 1.The format for the post of store managers job description should consist of the standards in the jobs description. From this the candidates and employees can understand the rules and regulations and the expectation from the employees. Jennifer can give the competencies of the employees which give description of jobs in conditions of measurable, various competencies that the employee who is doing the work must possess. Because the study gives more focus on how the staff complete the objectives or accomplish to complete the task, it gives extra emphasis on workers. 2.The specify standards and procedures in the body of job descriptions should not be kept individually, so that both the employees along with Jennifer incorporate the given procedures and standards. If they are difficult or complex than it become difficult to keep a part of procedures manually. Also, if it is included it will help the supervisors and managers to remember and focus on standards and procedures more frequently as it is a main element of job description. It is not important to mention all the standards and procedures in job description except the one that are important or relevant for the managers and employee to know (Cohen Pfeiffer, 2013). 3.Jennifer can do a whole analysis for the post of store manager and she should have a proper control and also verify out the policy and measures of the business. Then she should use the follow basic ways to collect data about values, actions and job description for the post of store manager. Observation Websites The interview. She can also use the quantitative techniques and also for using analyzing the job description of store manager. The quantitative techniques are: Position analysis questionnaire Functional job analysis (Lucey, 2002). 4.In my opinion it is good to prepare a competency based job study which describes jobs in terms of competencies that should be performed by the employee or the employee should possess. There are three categories in which competencies can be divided and that are: General Competencies Leadership Competencies Technical Competencies And also it should have the summary of some essential job functions that are: Quality Control Purchasing Customer relations Employee safety Pricing Damage control Pest control Hazardous waste removal Human resource administration (Williams Anderson, 2014). 5.Some ethical issues dealing with recruitment are: Giving misleading advertisement for the job opening: It is a great task to recruit the right candidate for the job. Effective advertisements are the key to attract new candidates towards the organization. By providing wrong or misleading information about the job opening it can mislead the candidate. It can be a high disadvantage for the company or the organization. Not reviewing candidates based on the merit: Not giving job based on the candidate merit. The manager or human resource management team eliminates those employees who are capable enough for the job post (Wilson, Draper Ives, 2008). References: Cohen, Y. and Pfeiffer, J., 2013. Organizational hiring standards.Administrative Science Quarterly, pp.1-24. Lucey, T., 2002.Quantitative techniques. Cengage Learning EMEA. Williams, L.J. and Anderson, S.E.,2014. Job satisfaction and organizational commitment as predictors of organizational citizenship and in-role behaviors.Journal of management,17(3), pp.601-617. Wilson, S., Draper, H. and Ives, J., 2008. Ethical issues regarding recruitment to research studies within the primary care consultation.Family practice,25(6), pp.456-461

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