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Truth Is Found Deep Within The Soul - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 1041 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/04/01 Category Society Essay Level High school Topics: Truth Essay Did you like this example? Caring for the soul can be difficult and I find that some people lack soul at all. By accepting our weaknesses, gives us the power to help heal the soul. We can heal the soul and care for it in several ways, which include; accepting our faults and learning from them, by giving it our all in things and trying to make the best of terrible situations, and understanding and listening to our souls needs to thrive. Moore claims that without soul, whatever we find will be unsatisfying, for what we truly long for in the soul in each of these areas (xvi). He then goes on to explain what a soulful personality consists of, Complicated, multifaceted, and shaped by both pain and pleasure, success and failure (xvi). Can someone be satisfied by something they love without having a soul? No, I dont believe they can. A man that has all the money in the world can lack romance if he doesnt have a soul. To truly love someone other than yourself you would have to have soul. Soul is like 6th sense. Its feeling, seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and soulful. Without these components I dont think it would be satisfying in any way. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Truth Is Found Deep Within The Soul" essay for you Create order When Moore is talking to the man who hates his job, he asks him have you ever thought of being where you are, of entering fully this job that youre putting your time and energy into? (8). He doesnt tell him to chase his dreams, in other words Moore is telling this man that if he gives it a try and puts his energy into his work and engages in his work then he might find it easier to do his job and find it more enjoyable. This is a man who has been working for over ten years in the same place. In my opinion, I like how Moore handles this. If the gentleman really disliked this job there is no way he would stick around. There had to be some form of love for the job without realizing it. I personally have left jobs I didnt like and never gave it a second thought on how it would affect the business. Even now, I have a job where its not the job that I dont like its the co-workers, but I have learned to go in and just do the job and try to make it the best possible day whether its telling j okes, or just making another smile. I do find it disowning the soul (9), to go in and not giving the job a fighting chance. Moore claims that by trying to avoid human mistakes and failures, we move beyond the reach of soul (9). Is it soulful to make mistakes and have failures in life? Some people would think that having a soul means being genuine and kind. Moore states that it can be hard to honor the soul when the soul is trying to express itself through unexpected ways. I think the soul is always tested through our decisions in life. I feel that mistakes and failures are a part of what helps the soul thrive in possible ways. Someone who is an A student gets an F on an exam, would think they are a failure, but in return would work harder for a possible feed to the soul. Im not saying that making bad choices makes one to not have a soul, but I think it is important to accept our mistakes and face our failures, so the soul can thrive. Its about balancing ones soul. When I think of this, I always picture a childs teeter-totter. One side is mistakes and failures, while the other side is success and prosperi ty. Accepting ones faults and mistakes help us to keep our soul in reach. Can you really care for the soul if you do nothing? Moore talks about how nature heals, and all you have to do is not-doing (12). How is this possible. Moore says how observance has power. Is he right? If you are observing a birth of a child, do you feel connected to it? When I had my child, it changed me. Not in a bad way, but I felt love that I havent felt. And every birthday since I get this warm feeling, that affects me in a deeper way. Some other examples of a deep connection in observing while having that not-doing is gazing at stars at night, it puts you in a trance almost. Or something that may make you feel deeper in the soul, maybe witnessing a tragedy. Sometimes it feels like we need to do something when we lose control of things, but what others dont realize is sometimes doing nothing is better for the care of the soul after all. Can the soul be cured? When Moore talks about cure vs. care he tells us that cure is something that has an end to the problem itself, where as care is something that is continuous, like a daily maintenance of life. Curing is relatively easy and cure is something that takes discipline in caring for something everyday. He said there is no end (19). So how can we continue to care for something everyday in our lives? For example, having a pet. You get up, you let your dog out, you give him water and food, endless belly rubs, lots of love, yet you give him discipline when there is an accident on the floor. Its a daily routine. Caring is a lot harder to do, but it can be done! It transforms you and you become more aware of the changes as it happens. Its so amazing how life changes. When we see it as a continuation of care, it lets us stop and observe our surroundings. Moore says this is a good way to reflect on life. In conclusion, I feel Moores views are genuine and I agree with his claims and strategies of caring for the soul. Without soul, I feel this world would be doomed, because there would be chaos with no remorse for life itself. The uniqueness of a person is made up of the insane and the twisted as much as it is of the rational and normal (20).

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