Friday, December 20, 2019

Social And Cultural Diversity Beyond Racism - 3572 Words

Running head: SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY ? BEYOND RACISM 1 SOCIAL AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY ? BEYOND RACISM 11 Social and Cultural Diversity ? Beyond Racism Thomas J. McCarthy Grand Canyon University: PCN-509 August 31, 2016 Social and Cultural Diversity ? Beyond Racism The title Beyond Racism was chosen because that is where I wish the world will be some day. Where everyone doesn?t see differences of one?s melanin or culture or status in life, but sees the likeness of the humanity in our hearts, where our true self lies. That doesn?t mean I don?t have any biases; because I do. Some I had growing up, others I have now. But either way, I always wanted to eradicate them because they only destroy you and†¦show more content†¦So, let?s start with the experience I had when I was discriminated against. To understand my racism then was that I did not have any. My parents didn?t tell us not to play with that group of kids or the other. My father was, in fact, the establisher of a neighborhood sports program, both secular and parochial. You see my neighborhood was a true melting pot of America. We had all kinds of races and cultures. And my father taught us (actually it just kind of sunk in) to treat everyone as if they were you; the Golden Rule. It wasn?t until I was able to leave my neighborhood, around eleven and twelve years of age, that I experience my first taste of racism. My experience came when a friend and I went to a movie theater a little way from home. After the movie, as we were walking home, a group of African Americans started to chase us down the block to fight us. Just a note here, it just happened to be at this time African Americans but another time it was kids from the Italian neighborhood, which Yonkers was broken up to ? the African Americans, the Italians, the Polish, the Irish, and my neighborhood the melting pot. The only thing is that within my neighborhood a few African Americans used to chase me while I was delivering my papers. It was because of this that I had a bias against black kids (boys). The ones in my neighborhood were quickly corrected when my brother and his friends had

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